Photography GCSE

About the course

Length of Course:
1-2 years


Coursework portfolio

Exam Board: 

  • Photography GCSE looks at the creative journey through the process of lens- and light-based media.
  • Students will use film, video, digital imaging and experiment with light sensitive materials.

Areas of study during the course:

  • Documentary photography: providing a narrative of events and or situations
  • Photo-journalism: The use of the photographic process to record events as they happen to support the written word.
  • Studio photography: The use of a formal studio setting to control the environment for a variety of subject matters such as portraiture and still life.
  • Location Photography: The use of a range of location photography materials, tools and techniques such as lighting and light metering, developing site-specific shoot plans.
  • Experimental Imagery: The use of a range of experimental imagery materials, tools and techniques.
  • Installation photography: The use of a range of installation imagery materials, tools and techniques 

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