Pastoral care

Student's art project, led by the gateways' team of therapist. This exercise ran over several week in the breakout area. Offering students time to relax, join in, if they wished, unwind and chat informally - or not - whilst taking part.

Pastoral care at gateways has always been a vital part of the programme. Each student is supported according to their individual needs through informal counseling and encouragement to engage in their learning, or simply just to be heard. All students are given time to build trusting relationships that they can rely on.

Every young person should have the support they need to flourish and to believe in themselves. That’s why our support services offer is central to the gateways mission. Pastoral care at gateways has always been a vital part of the programme. The premise is that every young person can achieve their potential, given the right opportunities and full emotional support. For most of the registered students, it is the reason they thrive at this unique alternative provision. Support services are tailored to each student’s individual needs, whether that entails therapy, mentoring, a friendly chat over a hot drink, encouragement to tackle tasks they once thought were unmanageable, or simply providing a listening ear. By investing time and patience in each gateways student, the team cultivate trust-based relationships that empower them to thrive.

Since Covid gateways have observed a surge in student anxiety. The following has been reported by staff in mainstream secondary schools:

  • 56% increase in eating difficulties
  • 61% increase in suicidal thoughts
  • 72% increase in self-harm
200 students
supported through informal couselling sessions
300 check-ins
to students, their families, carers and support teams
over 600 therapy
sessions provided to students between 2021 - 2023

You were a lifesaver for our family since my daughter could no longer attend secondary school due to severe anxiety. Through gateways she was able to continue her studies and at the same time have her mental health cared for. You went out of your way and showed such concern for us all as a family too. Thank you.

Parent of 2022 student, now graduated and in college