Janette Hechel z'l

Janette was not just a supporter; she was the backbone of Gateways from its very inception


Gateways was incredibly dear to Janette’s heart. She believed deeply in their mission, to help young people who had fallen out of mainstream education.

Her unwavering support and tireless work alongside the founder, Laurence Field, were instrumental in turning Gateways from a vision into a reality. Janette’s vibrant personality made her a beloved figure within the community. Her infectious laugh could brighten even the dullest of days, and her warmth made everyone feel valued and appreciated.


Janette understood the importance of hands-on experience and was proud to provide work experience opportunities for Gateways students, teaching them the ropes of office management. Her guidance and mentorship left a lasting impression on those she worked with, shaping the future leaders of Gateways.

In memory

Janette passed away in September 2020 after bravely facing cancer. She was 49. Janette was more than just a colleague; she was a friend, a mentor, and an inspiration to all. Her spirit lives on in the very fabric of Gateways, and we miss her dearly.

Janette’s Garden is a tribute to her legacy and the profound impact she had on Gateways and the lives of those she touched. This garden will ensure that Janette’s passion and dedication continue to inspire and support young people for years to come, while keeping her spirit alive,  providing a beautiful, nurturing space for the community she loved so much.