Most Asked Questions

How many students are there in each class?

Maths and English classes are usually 1:1 but you could sometimes be in pairs. The vocational classes are limited to 6-8 students, depending on the course.

How often do the students interact with their peers?

There are opportunities before, in between and after your lessons to socialise with other students. There are several warm and inviting spaces in the building such as the café, lounge area with comfy sofas, beanbags, and a TV.

The all-weather courtyard is very popular for those who enjoy outdoor games such as pool and air hockey.

Where do pupils go to find a quiet place?

As well as the cafe area there is a courtyard to take a breather, or you can climb into the ‘nook’, a comfy indoor corner, where you can find a quiet space for yourself.

Does every student get therapy?

Every student can request therapy if you would like it. If you have therapy elsewhere however, you cannot have therapy at gateways as well.

How easy is it to get to gateways?

Based in Hendon, gateways is a 5-minute walk from Hendon Thameslink and a 15-minute walk from Hendon Central station. The 113 bus from Hendon or the 326 bus from Finchley goes to the Hendon war memorial and it is an 6 minute walk from there.

How flexible is the timetable and the choice of teacher?

Lessons are planned to suit you, working with schools and other organisations to give you a best fit for classes. We also try to place you with a teacher that you can work well with and if this isn’t right the first time we try again.

What sort of food is available?

The cafe has drinks, fruit, cereals, bread, toast, spreads and snacks.

Do the students have access to digital devices?

You will have access to a laptop that can be used both in and out of your lesson time.

Who do I speak to if there is a problem?

You can contact the reception during the school day with any questions, and the headteacher, the head of education, the head of pastoral and the SENCO are available to answer your queries or issues as they arise.

How many subjects are offered at gateways?

The core subjects are on offer at gateways: English, maths, and combined science. In addition, home cooking, hair and beauty, photography, and IT/media vocational courses are also offered. We plan to add more subjects shortly.

What happens if only one subject is required?

You can choose to take only one subject.

What age range do you go up to?

Our age range is from 14-25 years of age.

Does gateways offer everything from functional skills to GCSE and A level?

Functional skills and GCSE are offered, as well as other level 2 courses. At the current time gateways does not not offer A level courses, although this may change over time so, please contact if this is what you need.

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