gateways story

Founded by Laurence Field in 2013 at The LJCC, before it moved to JW3, where Gateways became a core JW3 social action programme.

Due to increased demand and its continued success and growth, it graduated from JW3 and became an independent registered educational charity. Now based in its own specially designed home in Hendon, it continues to be the only Jewish provision to support the countless young people, between the ages of 14-25, who are or have struggled to remain in mainstream education.


Since 2014, 650+ students have studied at gateways

  • Placing over 100 students into work and apprenticeships
  • Achieved 98% pass mark for all students sitting recognised qualifications
  • Provided emotional and wellbeing support for all students and their families
  • Launched successful social enterprise projects in cooking and hair and beauty
  • Collaborated with over 20 referring communal and local authority organisations

Evidence of need

There is an unprecedented crises in young people's mental health in the UK. isolation, disruption to education and reduced access to support have had an immense impact on young people's mental health. gateways has seen an increase of 372% demand since 2014

from 20 students
in 2014 - the 1st programme year
to over 90 students
graduating with qualifications in 2023
more than 120 will register
and attend classes in 2023/24
With still 31 students
waiting for a place right now

The future

To meet the rapidly increasing demand for this unique alternative education provision, matched with a reputation for delivering exceptional outcomes, gateways is now an independent registered charity, in it’s own self contained home.

Plans are to work closer with partners in education, well-being, the community and industry and to expand it’s offering, with more courses, qualifications and support services.

  • Continue with the current part-time provision for 14-25 year olds
  • Plan towards an Ofsted regulated full-time provision for 14-16 year olds
  • Grow the capacity from 125 in this academic year to 205+ over both provisions